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Letting go

September 25, 2015 in Blog

I’m not quite sure what the actual prompt is, it’s probably more of a steady build, but steady as it might be, it’s all of a sudden an all out necessity. It’s time to re design my site.

Visually I’m decisive. I’m also a natural born optimist. The theme I choose is the one I’m having. How bad can it be? Let the battle commence…

Well, experience pays off and there is no mammoth stress. But there is a little internal squabble; what to leave out! The process of working with this site theme demands me look at each picture individually, argue it’s merit and decide it’s fate. No easy ride here of a ‘job lot transfer’. And with a body of work that spans eight prolific years, an inbuilt sentimentality and a sense of nostalgia that seems stuck fast, it’s no mean curation.

It’s a necessary evil, the art of letting go. It may sound ridiculous but my images are sort of part of me, they tell my story, I’m genuinely fond of them and if I resign them to some dusty hard drive, if I banish them to the cloud, will they evaporate, never again see the light of day? Quite likely. It’s not easy moving on from the past, but tis the nature of attempting to remain current, is it not? Objectivity is a major challenge for anyone in the art world. Or does objectivity deny the point? Isn’t our subjectivity all we have, doesn’t it make us the artists we are?

It’s a fine balance. I tell myself it’s good for me with resolute will, an iron resolve, jump, holler and here I am circa twenty fifteen. I’ve lived to tell another tale.

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