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Moments are fleeting

October 29, 2015 in Blog

Capture them. And don’t let them go.

Yesterday I received three posters from badass US print co Social Print Studio made up of six hundred of my instagram pictures from the last eighteen months. (And you know I left out loads). Not all award worthy, but each last one jam packed with my life lived. They bring me such joy to behold. (But then I am image obsessed and a collage connoisseur).

At the risk of sounding obvious, time flies. Distant memories anyone? But there’s little chance that our children of today will have to invent their past in the future. With seemingly every haphazard highlight, heightened emotion, humdrum habit even, snapped and posted online, it ought prove possible for them to rewind their whole life stories, should they wish to, at least in visual form.

But this assumes that digital data has longevity, stands the test of time. Should our modern day back up anxiety emerge as a valid predisposition, should we not curate, collate and carefully safeguard our moments in a tangible form, guesswork and fairy tales could in fact be in order, as our memories inevitably fade.

We know for a fact that prints last at least one hundred and fifty years.

So capture your moments and pin the precious ones down.

And then up 😉

No birds were captured in the making of this blog, all were let go, none were pinned down or up. (FYI).

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